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Why Every Adventurist Needs To
Have An Action Camera

The Action Camera helps you capture memories big or small, fast or slow, even under water! You won't know how you opted outside without it.

Capture Unbelievable Videos & Photos
Meet Hyper View 4K

The Hyper View 4K is the best sidekick to have this season to record all of your amazing adventures. Don't miss a second of action - take photos of each unforgettable moment and epic adventure journey!

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Why Choose Hyper View 4K Action Camera
Small Size - Big Features

The New & Improved Hyper View 4K Model is loaded with award winning features that makes it the best-in-class camera gadget. Check out the amazing features!

4K Ultra HD
Wide Angle Camera

Sport camera features ultra HD 4K 30fps video recording and 16MP images that enables you to capture every moment in crisp detail and unparalleled clarity.

Built For Action

The Hyper View 4K includes loop recording, driving mode, time-lapse photo, burst photo, exposure adjustment, and white balance adjustment; You can take the camera to a variety of sports environments while exceeding expectations.

2 Inch LCD Screen

You can preview fantastic moving films and photographs anytime, anywhere with the compact but powerful built-in 2.0-inch LCD screen.

Wi-Fi Capability Built-In

The action camera is Wi-Fi enabled, Simply download the app to your phone or tablet and you can control or examine images or videos in real-time, as well as share them immediately on social media.

98FT Waterproof Camera

Put your underwater cameras in the waterproof case and secure it, then which allows you to dive up to 98FT/30M. (Note: The camera itself is not waterproof; those doing diving or water sports need to install a waterproof case.)

Superb Image Stabilization

The Hyper View 4K action camera predicts your movements and corrects for camera shake to deliver insanely smooth and steady footage.

Additional Winning Features

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#6 Reasons You Need An Action Camera
Hyper View 4K Applications

With the Hyper View 4K you can capture life's adventures, wherever they take you! It's small, simple, easy to use, and can go where other cameras can't.

High Performance

Capturing unbelievable video quality of any sport or activity. Super simple to use with professional results in 4K and 16MP.

Full Versatility

Excellent for outdoor and underwater sports like diving, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, climbing, cycling, motorcycling, skiing, camping, and more.

Intuitive Design

Ultra 2 inch IPS screen shows everything crystal clearly and brightly, easy to change settings, switch shooting modes, preview and playback footage.

Record Your Road Trips

Action cameras are perfect for capturing memories on those special road-trips while letting you share them with your friends & family! Action cameras are also hugely popular with YouTubers & IG influencers.

Record Accidents & Incidents

Action cameras helps you keep video proof of any accident or incident in and around your car, giving you indisputable proof of collisions, hit & runs & more.

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Don't Miss the Action
Make The Smart Choice

There are a number of Action Camera available in the market, but don't be lured by low prices & compromise features & quality! Find out how Hyper View 4K stacks up against the competition & take your pick!

  • 4K 1080P HD
  • 170 Wide Angle Lens
  • 90 Min Battery
  • Loop Recording
  • Money Back Guarantee

Hyper View 4K

Leading Competitor #1

Order yours today to capture all the action!

Order Now & Save 50%

90 day Money Back Guarantee

Here What Customers Have To Say
Over 1800 Verified Reviews

The last action cam you'll ever buy!

Quality video, night vision, action mode, it has it all and trust me in my 3 years of adventures - I have had the use of all these features & they work perfectly! No issues since! Great product!

Mark W.

Verified Buyer

It paid for itself in just 1 month!

I was able to show the footage of a hit & run thanks to the Hyper View 4K which helped me get the right compensation from the insurance company, without the regular run around! For me the product has already paid for itself.

Brent Lingle

Verified Buyer

Fully loaded action camera!

I was skeptical when I read all the great features they packed in with the price, but after using it for about 6 months and buying 2 more for my family, I can vouch for the quality & product. A must have for everyday life!

Jamie Wedeow

Verified Buyer

Brandon Cloud

Verified Buyer

Hyper View 4K

My 6 month use review!

I got these for my 2 new college grad kids who are doing lots of traveling, and couldn't be happier. The kids know that at any time they can pull out the camera and capture anything they want.

This camera was easy to set up and use. The picture quality is crystal clear, and video quality crisp.

Leo Roberts

Verified Buyer

Hyper View 4K

Super fun to use & functional!

I've had this for about 2 months now and it works great! I love how compact it is, and so many functions. The waterproof housing is great - I've taken it on many different local trips to the beach and on the boat.

Zach S.

Verified Buyer

Hyper View 4K

Step aside overpriced action cameras!

I have used $500 action cameras and then I bought this (yes the $500 one stopped working in just 9 months). It has all the features that the $500 brand name camera has and didn't break on me OR break my bank! Works well, and have been using it for about 3 months - no issues. Make the smart choice and don't spend on overpriced actions cameras - Hyper View 4K does the job and also does it better!

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90 day Money Back Guarantee